I heard about Ilona’s Brain Health Nutrition Programme through the golf club and was simply curious to find out more. I have found as I am getting older, the weight is creeping up slowly and bad habits are setting in more and more. I am concerned about my future health, as I would love to continue doing the things I love to do as I am getting older.
I thoroughly enjoyed the 6 online classes, and it was great that I could catch up on the recording when I missed a class. The classes covered all aspects of nutrition, the impact of the various foods on your body, gut health, exercise, sleep and stress, and all of that was new to me. I had never really paid much attention to my diet. I am definitely much more conscious now about what I eat, I don’t have as many sweet things anymore, but also don’t miss them. I am much more careful about what foods I actually buy. I’m eating more fish and trying out more new recipes. I’ve also realised the need to do more planning if I want to stay on top of things. I am going over the notes now step by step and will continue to gradually introduce healthier and healthier habits every week. I can only highly recommend Ilona’s Nutrition Group programme, but also her one-to-one consultations (2 of them were included in this programme), where she gives very specific and personalised advice. I’ve already recommended the programme to my daughter who has started working with Ilona now.