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Improve your golf and your life!

2 hours workshop in your golf club 

“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies.” –

Bobby Jones

This is a 2 hours workshop you can bring to your golf club for a social and fun, and educational night!

This is an interactive workshop and fun evening in a group setting, where we connect the game of golf with health & lifestyle tips, make healthy snacks, have plenty of time for questions, and take home the 18-holes scorecard to keep track of the learned new habits.

Front Nine: Nutrition & Lifestyle tips for a better golf game.

These tips will help you gain more focus and keep up your energy throughout your game. Find out the best foods to give you a real and sustainable energy boost for the coming four hours and brain foods to keep your mood and concentration levels up. Learn what snacks won’t cause a drop in energy and keep you going. And see what foods help you recover after your round, so you will have enough energy to go for a second round if you wanted to. Also, discover what anti-inflammatory foods to eat to avoid joint or other pain while playing. You’ll receive a 9-hole scorecard to check your progress.

Back Nine : What golf can teach us

We can often be really frustrated with our game, and similarly, we can often get very frustrated with our healthy eating and lifestyle, esp. when we fall back into old habits, just when we thought we had it all sorted.

This part of the workshop looks at how we can address our mindset both for golf and for healthy lifestyle habits, we look at healthy routines, such as body scans, mindful practises, concentration exercises, and good stretches for golf.

Who is this workshop for?

  • All golfers
  • Especially golfers who want to improve their game
  • Golfers who want to look after their health and be able to enjoy the game until a high age
  • Golfers who often need to take painkillers to even be able to play
  • Golfers who often feel exhausted after playing 18-holes
  • Golfers who feel they could do better physically but losing concentration often
  • Anybody who has an interest in health and wants to find out how to keep energy levels and focus up – when outdoors for a few hours (for example hikers)

 What’s included?

– Workshops on various aspects of healthy living

– Tea/Coffee breaks with healthy treats

– Demo on how to make healthy treats

– Practical tips and recommendations that you can implement straight away

– Recipes

– Scorecard to keep track

€ 25  per person  


20 Minutes Can Change Your Life!

Our bodies are absolutely amazing and when we look after them well, and feed them only what they are designed to deal with, they will look after and make us feel and look great again!

Let me help you along the way!

Are you fed up putting up with sign of ageing and want to turn back the clock?

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Find plenty of tips and information what foods and lifestyle choices are now necessary if you want to continue living an active and healthy life in your 50's, 60's and beyond!


Eat to turn back the clock

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