This 60 minutes consultation can be used as:

  1. An initial consultation, which includes
  • Evaluation and interpretation of a complex Health Questionnaire and Food Diary
  • Questions to clarify some of the items that came up in the questionnaire
  • A chat to find out your health goals and your current lifestyle
  • Recommendations on how to best move forward to achieve your health goals
  • A detailed explanation of your options
  • Some suggestions to get you started straight away


2. As a once-off Nutritional Consultation, if you:

  • don’t want to commit to a programme
  • don’t need a full programme
  • like to address a specific health concern or question only
  • like to take out a follow-up programme after having completed a full programme


€ 95 (+VAT)


Nutrition Consultation Time

We all tend to make sure that our cars always run smoothly, and have it checked out regularly. We then get recommendations and act upon, as we want our cars to keep driving smoothly.

How about getting a check-over of your current health and an analysis of possible root causes why your car (body) currently might not be running smoothly? 

And also get actionable tips on what you can do straight away to start feeling better again?