I now feel very confident that I can stick to healthy eating guidelines

“I came to see Ilona Madden in order to improve my diet, nutrition and overall health. I was also struggling with recurrent fungal infections and dry skin. I used to eat a lot of sugary foods, especially snacks and was struggling to give them up. Working with Ilona was very easy, and a very structured and

Dun Laoghaire

The entire experience is life-changing!

Ilona Madden is passionate about nutrition and well being. Her approach is a holistic one which is refreshing to experience when sometimes we embark in a loss weighting exercise. We tend to focus only on counting how many kilos we have lost and this is where we might fail from the start. Ilona accompanies you


During the programme my energy improved drastically

I contacted Ilona because I was concerned about my constant weight gain and low energy, my diet was very poor and I often suffered from indigestion. Luckily, I had no other health concerns. I was eating a lot of processed foods and drinking diet coke. I found Ilona’s programme excellent and very information, and it


I always felt good after a session with Ilona

I came to see Ilona because I was not happy with my health. I had no energy, was always tired, was not sleeping, and had IBS symptoms. I loved the programme because it was highly informative and Ilona was very supportive. The programme was easy to follow and enjoyable. Ilona was so supportive and there

Sharon Donnelly

I feel somehow calmer, more balanced since I changed my eating habits.

I joined Ilona’s January 4-week nutrition group course because I wanted to change a few things in my life to a positive. I wanted to learn new ways to express kindness towards myself. I wanted to get to know more people during the lockdown.  The way Ilona spoke and presented her PowerPoint presentations was excellent

Gideon K.

Without you I would not have the confidence I have today

I booked an 8-week programme with Ilona because I was feeling very unhappy in my body and struggled to stay healthy and know what was considered healthy. I also have many allergies which made it hard for me to know how to eat healthy and help my psoriasis. My main goal was to improve general

Laura Kennedy
Bray, Co. Wicklow

I am now ensuring that my family and I have more variety with our meals

“I was interested in learning more about healthy eating, nutrition and gut health. I also wanted to confirm from my own research on the internet if I was going at it correctly.  Ilona’s 4-week class did validate this and more. Having a live online face to face explanation of nutrition etc… was just ideal. The

Lauri Denvir
Blackrock Co Dublin
“I started working with Ilona because I realised my nighttime cravings and emotional eating was out of control. While I would eat quite a healthy diet during the day, in the evenings, I seemed to crave sweet, fatty (such as butter) and salty things. I know I want to be a healthy 80 year old

Saundra Burke

I now have a better understanding of the importance of nutrition to physical and mental wellbeing.

I took part in Ilona’s 4-week Transformation group programme because I am aware that nutrition is such a core element of outlives that is often neglected. The course contained very informative and accessible presentations on a wide range of issues. I now have a better understanding of the importance of nutrition to general physical and

S.D., Bray, Co Wicklow

This course should be part of the school curriculum

I took part in Ilona’s 4-week Transformation group programme because I have a great interest in food and especially the healing aspects of food. I am always looking to extend my knowledge and Ilona’s course was the perfect opportunity for this. Ilona has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food, all aspects of

Karin Janssen
Bray, Co Wicklow

The course is a great investment for anyone who cares about living an energised, healthy life.

I signed up for Ilona Madden’s Nutrition Transformation Programme in January and was delighted with the extensive information and support that I received from the very first session to the last.  Ilona has a wealth of knowledge to share regarding nutrition and healthy living, and the course extends beyond the information on food to encompass

Lara Dunlea
Bray, Co Wicklow

I am feeling positive about myself and happy to change my lifestyle moving forward

“I joined Ilona’s New Year Transformation group course in January 2021 because I wanted to start the year off positively and invest in myself. I’m a visual learner and enjoyed the zoom presentations which were easy to understand. This enabled me to implement changes weekly. I thought Ilona explained well and the material that was

Ruth Power
Waterford City

The DNA Test has really helped me stick to the guidelines

I signed up for the “Nurture your mind and body” group programme with Ilona in July/Aug 2020 as I was struggling again with my weight, but I didn’t want to do a predetermined weight-loss- routine. I had tried various diets and was hardly eating anything but I was still not losing weight anymore. I was

Bray, Co Wicklow

I don’t have as many sweet things anymore, but I also don’t miss them!

I heard about Ilona’s Brain Health Nutrition Programme through the golf club and was simply curious to find out more. I have found as I am getting older, the weight is creeping up slowly and bad habits are setting in more and more. I am concerned about my future health, as I would love to continue doing the

P. Behan

I have a much better understanding of how what I eat can affect how I feel.

I contacted Ilona in July because I was feeling the effects of the lockdown and COVID Regulations were pulling me down. I had explored various other avenues but thought that nutrition might be another possible approach. When I heard about Ilona’s group programme specifically for Brain Health and mental wellbeing, I thought this is the

R. Burke

Possibly the best thing I could ever have done!

Going to Ilona and her company Right Food 4U was possibly the best thing I could ever have done! Ilona has helped me to change my eating habits which has not only helped me to get my sense of smell and taste back but it has also made me feel great! Ilona is a fantastic

Sandycove, Ireland

I’ve lost 5lbs, am not as exhausted and my thinking is much clearer!

Loving the recipes and my partner (that doesn’t eat veg) loves them too. The mushroom lasagne went down really well with my vegan friend. The Moroccan chicken was delicious and the lamb & chickpea curry is amazing. I made double the quantity for the freezer. I find the 16 hour fasting easy to do and


I have lost kilos and centimetres and feel great!

I am really enjoying the New Year New You programme with Ilona. I find that the combination of recipes and food tips, scientific information, practical targeted advice and motivational tips make it easy to change my eating habits in the long term. I have changed the way that I eat, and even more important, I

A. Hansing
Sulingen, Germany

Helped me to improve my digestion and energy levels

I would highly recommend Ilona Madden’s nutritional guidance. She was very helpful and provided me a lot of information. I am vegan and she took that into consideration and helped me to improve my digestion and energy levels a lot, for which I am very grateful. She made sure to follow up and see how

Greystones, Ireland

This is like having a personal trainer

This is like having a personal trainer – delighted and happy to have started the plan. It’s great having the contact on a daily basis. (1 week into the online

Wicklow, Ireland

After just two weeks I had already noticed a big change in my energy levels

I came to see Ilona for a 20 min free chat, as I have high cholesterol but cannot tolerate the medication. I knew I had to do something regarding my diet, I just didn’t know where to start. I signed up for a nine week programme.  At the first session Ilona suggested a few small

Bray, Ireland

Much more energy and less digestive issues

I had been looking for a Nutritionist online to help me with the complex digestive issues I was experiencing and I came across Ilona on her facebook page. The name Eat Right for You really resonated with me as I felt I needed a plan specifically for my needs and issues with food and digestion.

J. Wilson

I can highly recommend Ilona’s courses

Last year I took part in Ilona’s 4-week Healthy Eating and Lifestyle group. I am struggling my whole life with food allergies and learned a lot of new information to make better choices and influence my daily life. It was a small group, which made it easy to ask questions and go into more details.

Corina R.

Not just for losing weight, but for a healthier lifestyle

Just finished Ilona’s 4 week course.  Really enjoyed this from the very start when she took us through what exactly each food group does and how these work with (or against) our internal organs. Ilona explained this is a very interesting, sometimes humorous way. She encouraged the group to engage with her and each other.


Tailored advice

Ilona is such a well informed and passionate nutritional therapist. She has given me such detailed and individualised advice that is tailored to my personal concerns and recommended specific brands and bargains where I can get the best bang for my buck. I have been so impressed by her knowledge and implementation of that knowledge

The best of all for me is that my blood sugar levels which have always been high have now reached the lowest level and I feel like a new woman with a zest for life again and the energy to match it.

One morning whilst at work, I saw an advertisement in the local community centre for a talk free talk on in Bray Library on the 8th March 2019 from 11-12 and the heading was “Are you addicted to Sugar”.  I thought yes I will go along to that and see what’s this about. Once I heard

Deirdre Murphy

I am actually eating more

Over the last few years, although I have had a fairly healthy diet and exercise regime, I have been struggling with losing a few kilos that I felt I could do with losing. I had tried upping my exercise routine, reducing my calorie intake etc. but wasn’t really making any progress. A couple of months

Mark Goulding, Acupuncturist
Glen of the Downs, Wicklow

Terrific advice

I attended one of Ilona’s courses last year and spoke highly of this at the time. I am happy to report one year later I am still avoiding (99%) sugar in my diet. I know Ilona is in hand to provide advice and that important encouragement. It’s easy do complete a course. Walk away. And

Laura Costello

Ilona’s support and encouragement were invaluable, money well invested…

After years of feeling constantly fatigued, struggling to lose weight and being constantly stressed, I decided to take action.  I met Ilona at a business group we were both members of and decided to give her a call, most definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. I went in with a certain

Tara Gilleece
Dublin 18

After 8 weeks, I feel like a different person.

After a period of stress and ill health, I had arrived at a place where I had lost my love of food, my joy of cooking and was lacking energy, motivation and a way forward – and as a result, was low and probably depressed. I was recommended to go to Illona – and after

Aisling McCarthy

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