Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition and health science to enable individuals to optimise their health potential. It is client-centred and a system based biology approach that focuses on finding the root cause of ill health.

Nutritional Therapy may help to alleviate a wide range of conditions and support recovery using food and – where appropriate – dietary supplements. It is intended to complement conventional medicine and to support your medical practitioner’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dietary changes may be made under the supervision of a medical doctor.

What is a Nutritional Therapist?

A fully-qualified Nutritional Therapist hold a minimum of a 3-year diploma in Nutritional Therapy and is trained in biochemistry, physiology and pathology as well as supervised clinical practise Nutritional Therapists are qualified to work in a private practice and to see clients on an individual or group basis.

My approach as a Nutritional Therapist

As part of the consultation process, I will go through your medical history and assess your current health status: Your symptoms, needs and goals and based on this, I will design a personalised nutritional plan.

You will also be offered personalised lifestyle advice which is tailored to your individual health needs and health goals.

You can look at me as a personal trainer for healthy eating!

These plans include carefully chosen dietary recommendations, practical meal suggestions and recipes as well as tips on how to incorporate the changes into your lifestyle.

If any foods need to be reduced or eliminated for a period of time, we will suggest viable, practical alternatives that will maintain nutritional needs. Where necessary, we may also prescribe natural supplements in safe doses, e.g. probiotics and/or vitamins and minerals to help alleviate certain symptoms or optimise nutritional status. However, food is always the main part of the protocol.

NTOI LogoAs a qualified, certified Nutritional Therapist, I am a member
of the professional association (NTOI). Every NTOI member must comply with the NTOI Code of Ethics and meet on-going
CPD requirements.

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