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Some of my clients have started seeing results by the end of week 2, how exciting is that!

Restore: The Health Restoration Programme

RE-STORE  your health by addressing the root cause, rather than just the symptoms.

This programme comprises of one-to-one Nutritional Therapy sessions and Functional Testing and is highly personalised.

This programme is designed for anybody addressing more complex health issues or who has recently been diagnosed with a health condition that can improve through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Nutritional Therapy is rooted in Functional Medicine and it is a holistic approach that is complementary to conventional medicine and can be done in conjunction with your GP treatments. 

This programme is based on the information obtained from an Initial consultation where the client has completed a full health questionnaire and where all options and possible tests have been discussed already.

Depending on your symptoms, you will be recommended functional tests (not included in the cost), which will help identify your root cause. 

Previous clients have put their diabetes into remission. Others are reporting an increase in energy that they never thought possible. A few of my clients have been able to walk long distances again without a walking stick or without pain. And many of my clients enjoy their food again without that feeling of bloating, cramping or heartburn. 

If you feel you’ve been putting up far too long with not feeling 100% but haven’t been able to find out why this programme could offer a life-changing solution for you.

This programme is for you if:

  • You’ve recently been diagnosed with a health condition that requires a change in your eating and lifestyle habits.
  • You know that you cannot continue eating the way you are at the moment, as it has a negative impact on your health.
  • You want to get to the root cause of what has caused your health condition and are happy to do some Functional Medicine Tests.
  • You are committed to applying the recommendations based on the test results.
  • You want to get a better understanding of what healthy eating really means and how the right foods can help you get your health and energy back.
  • You are worried about your future health because of some genetic pre-disposition.
  • You want to age well and healthily.

This programme is the most comprehensive one-to-one nutrition programme and is designed to address more complex health issues that require a longer-term approach.

This program can be done in conjunction with your GP. It is a complementary approach to help with health issues – it is NOT an alternative to any conventional treatment.

As this programme is designed to address more complex issues, it might be necessary to do additional testing such as Stool Test, Food Intolerance Tests, Organic Acids Test, Gene Testing, etc. These will be at an extra cost, however, we will be discussing the results and approach within the consultations. In some cases extra research might be necessary or longer consultations.

We will together put a plan in place that suits YOUR lifestyle and YOUR food likes and dislikes. At the same time, we are making sure that you will nourish your body with those nutrients that you need most based on YOUR health history and YOUR test results.

Each week, we review the plan, see what works and what does not, and why. I will support you with coaching tools and help you stay motivated. It is a combination of Nutrition information and coaching to help work with the mindset and help implement the information.

Let me be your Personal Health Coach now!

What is included in the programme?

  • Evaluation and interpretation of Functional Medical Tests (as discussed in the initial consultation)
  • Recommendation of a protocol to address items that have come up in those tests taking into account lifestyle and food preferences
  • 8 consultations (45 mins) of review of action-plan and food diary. review of worksheets, and a new action plan,
  • Regular support via email/WhatsApp in between consultations
  • Research work behind the scenes
  • Follow-up email after each session with details of what has been discussed and a new action plan.


€795 (+VAT)

20 Minutes Can Change Your Life!

Our bodies are absolutely amazing and when we look after them well, and feed them only what they are designed to deal with, they will look after and make us feel and look great again!

Let me help you along the way!

Are you fed up putting up with sign of ageing and want to turn back the clock?

Here is the solution!

Find plenty of tips and information what foods and lifestyle choices are now necessary if you want to continue living an active and healthy life in your 50's, 60's and beyond!


Eat to turn back the clock

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