Don't let menopause rule your life!

Stop worrying about getting older - start now feeling young and energetic again! If menopause is giving you a hard time, I help you sail through it, by getting to the root cause of your symptoms and showing what foods & nutrients you need right now, without the stress of boring, depriving diets.

After my 8-week program you will have more energy and vitality.  You will have established new eating habits that are right for you! You will have a better understanding of what nutrients your body needs right now. You cannot “fail”, as each small step towards health is a success.


We are all individuals, with different genetics, with different life circumstances, with different health history and different food likes and dislikes. Our lives change constantly and we need to adapt. That’s why, general nutrition advice often does not work.  


I’m here to help you get clarity on what is healthy for you! Let me show you how you can get your energy back and feel amazing every day!

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8 Weeks

This is for anybody who already has a good understanding of a low GL diet and of healthy eating. It is aimed to refocus you after you slipped back into old habits.


8 Weeks

This is ideal for anybody who wants to learn an intelligent approach to healthy eating and genuinely change  eating habits & create a healthier lifestyle.


8 Weeks

This programme is a good choice for anybody addressing more complex health issues and wants to get the most support during the 8 weeks.

Are you fed up with lack of energy and weight gain and want to live your life again to the full?

Giving your body the right nutrients it needs to balance your hormones and reduce all the dreaded symptoms of the menopause is easier than you might think. And it’s never too early to start!

During my programs, we will get to the root cause of your symptoms, we will create a healthy eating plan, and each week, we review the plan, see what works and what does not, and why. I will gently support you with the right coaching tools and motivation. We will track your progress each week and you will be held accountable for.

I’ve been there and sailed through, and am now fitter and more energetic than ever before in my life! And you can be that too!

Don’t let your age slow you down!

Corporate Programmes & Talks

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Online Programmes

I periodically provide a number of online group programmes for those looking for guidance but prefer to go at it under their own motivation.

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