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Are sugar cravings sabotaging your best healthy eating efforts?

Have you found the lockdown has lead to more cravings and eating more? Do you want to get back having loads of energy, motivation and zest for life?

Do you want to stop feeling you’re on or off a diet and simply enjoy your food again without feeling guilty or deprived?

If you are working with me, you won’t just be handed a nutrition plan, I will also support you gain the confidence to love to stick to the plan.

No weighing scales, no calorie counting, not feeling hungry!

You establish new eating habits that are right for you! You will have a better understanding of what nutrients your body needs right now. You cannot “fail”, as each small step towards health is a success.

We are all individuals, with different genetics, with different life circumstances, with different health history and different food likes and dislikes. Our lives change constantly and we need to adapt. That’s why, general nutrition advice often does not work.

Book your complimentary “Health&Energie Review” now!

You will get more clarity on what is healthy for YOU!

Let me show you how you can get on top of your cravings, get your energy back and feel amazing every day!

If you don’t find a day or time that suits, please contact me and we can try to find an alternative time.


 8 Weeks

This is for anybody who already has a good understanding of healthy eating. You will get back into focus if you slipped into bad habits. You will get clarity of where to get started. You will feel energised and motivated. You will get support and accountability! 


 8 Weeks

This is ideal for anybody who wants to learn an intelligent approach to healthy eating and genuinely change eating habits & create a healthier lifestyle. After the 8-weeks, you will not only have established new habits, you will also feel revived, have more energy, better concentration and overall feel great again! 


8 Weeks

This programme is designed for anybody addressing more complex health issues or has recently been diagnosed with a health condition that can improve through nutrition and lifestyle changes. It can be done in conjunction with your GP. After 8 weeks, you will have a better understanding of your condition and root cause, and ways to address these.

About Ilona Madden

Certified Nutritional Therapist and Health & Lifestyle Coach

I passionately belief (and I am living proof it) that you can be fitter & stronger and have more energy than in your 20’s and 30’s by making some changes to your diet and lifestyle, even if you don’t like cooking complicated meals and don’t like going on a treadmill for hours.

I’ve been there, and now at 56, I am now fitter and more energetic than ever before in my life! And you can be that too!

Don’t let your age slow you down!

Corporate Programmes 

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Online Programmes

I periodically provide a number of online group programmes for those looking for guidance but prefer to go at it under their own motivation.

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Are your sugar cravings sabotaging your best efforts to stay healthy?

You’re Not Alone! 

Find plenty of tips and tricks to ditch those cravings and develop a healthy relationship with the sweet things in your life!


Sugar cravings

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