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Restoring Taste and Smell
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G. came to see me because she had lost all her sense of taste and smell. While it was only annoying at first, one day she accidentally served rotten chicken to her daughter. She knew then, she needed to do something about it.

Out of options

Unfortunately, there’s no pill than can be taken for it, so her GP was limited in how they could help. G. came to me for help.

I didn’t know if I could help right away, but I knew loss of sense of smell can be a sign of Zinc deficiency. Naturally, G. was very sceptical about whether the kind of food she ate could have anything to do with her condition, but she agreed to give it a go as she had no other option.

Identifying the issues

From asking her a few questions, I identified other digestive issues which all suggested nutrient deficiencies. As she could no longer taste her food anymore either, her diet was quite simple. G. was eating only for “fuel”.

Together, we cleaned up G.’s diet, moving away from processed and sugary food, towards more real, healthier foods.

Noticing the difference

Within a short period of time, G. started to notice a small difference. This gave her the motivation to keep going.

This is what G. wrote in her testimonial for me:

“Going to Ilona and Right Food 4U was possibly the best thing I could ever have done!”

Ilona has helped me to change my eating habits which has not only helped me to get my sense of smell and taste back but it has also made me feel great! 

Ilona is a fantastic role model, her advice is practical and effective and investing in myself and my body has been the best investment that I could have ever made! 

Thank you Ilona!”

Eating the right foods is so powerful

Food is so much more than just calories and fuel. You need to feed your body the right nutrients that it needs to function properly.

G. did my 4-week Reboot program.

Get in touch and check out how I can help you.

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