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Weight loss: Good luck or good genes?

"You are so lucky - you don't put on weight!" - Is it just luck or good genes that some people don't easily put on weight? To be honest, I find it quite annoying when people say to me "You are so lucky - you don't put on weight!", "You must have really good genes that...

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Should obesity be classified as a disease?

Should obesity be classified as a disease? I just read an article discussing whether obesity should be classified as a disease . It made me think. I think, I one of the “dangers” of classifying obesity as a disease, is that people might stop taking responsibility and...

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Top 10 Tip for a Merry Healthy Christmas!

TOP 10 TIPS FOR A MERRY HEALTHY CHRISTMAS! (Some can be applied all year round!) Tip #1: Stay mindful Christmas time is a time where we are surrounded by foods, everywhere you go you are offered Minced pies or Mulled wine. And yes, it is the...

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Nutritional Therapy vs General Nutrition Advice

Nutritional Therapy vs General Nutrition Advice Today, you find advice on Healthy Eating and Lifestyle EVERY WHERE. In magazines, newspaper supplements, in your gym, in radio and TV programs, in cooking demostrations life or on TV, from your GP, from your friends and...

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Should I buy a nutribullet?

(Image: With many shops now displaying Nutribullets, Kitchen-Machines, Juicers and many other appliances for healthy eating, I thought, it’s time to give my opinion on the NutriBullet. First of all, there are also many...

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Is eating bread healthy?

There was an article in the Health Supplement of the Irish Independent that really annoyed me (link here). It concludes with:  "Like all good foods, bread should be an important part in everyone's diet. But unlike all foods, bread is such good value and is an...

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Our bodies are absolutely amazing and when we look after them well, and feed them only what they are designed to deal with, they will look after us and make us feel and look great again!

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