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Tackling High Cholesterol
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N. made use of the free 20-min discovery chat that I offer, every Monday at Roche’s pharmacy in Bray.

Out of options

She asked me how I could help with her high cholesterol (8.1). As she does tolerate the statin medication, she knew the only option she had was to change her

However, she had seen a dietician 3 years ago and was told to just switch from full fat cheese to cottage cheese.

N. hates cottage cheese and it was enough to put her off “healthy eating”.

Feeling the difference

She agreed however to give my 9-week program a go. We made some small initial changes, and after just one week she reported that she already had better energy levels.

This extra energy gave her the motivation to start cooking again, from scratch! From there, things just kept getting better.

Exceeding expectations

When we completed the 9-week program, I asked her if the program met her expectations. This was N.’s response:

“Yes, and way more than what I expected.”

Feeling the results

We went on to compare her original health assessment with how she felt after the program and listed any noticeable improvements:

  • far more energy
  • highly motivated to eat better
  • not feeling deprived at all
  • sleeping better
  • better mood, and state of mind
  • got loads of things done that had been put on hold
  • far less use of her asthma inhaler
  • had a dose of chest infection but no way near as bad as she would usually get in the winter
  • no stomach cramps at all, which used to be a frequent occurrence
  • pain under her ribcage is gone
  • strong smell in urine is gone
  • fingernails have become stronger, they used to chip easily
  • cravings for cheese is completely gone
  • hasn’t had alcohol (voluntarily!)

N. will have her cholesterol checked again in 3 month’s time, so we will see the results in the blood tests. But she has no doubt that she will continue to stay on track. She feels empowered, and has the tools and motivation to do so.

Health & Lifestyle Transformation

N. has been on my 9-week Health & Lifestyle Transformation programme.

See how a 20-min discovery chat can change and improve your life and health!

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