“I came to see Ilona Madden in order to improve my diet, nutrition and overall health. I was also struggling with recurrent fungal infections and dry skin. I used to eat a lot of sugary foods, especially snacks and was struggling to give them up.

Working with Ilona was very easy, and a very structured and enjoyable process.

She encouraged me to try out new foods (especially nuts) and encouraged me to cook more from scratch, explaining various simple and quick cooking methods. Keeping a food diary during the whole time was also very helpful.

I now feel very well and definitely have more energy. I have replaced sugary snacks with healthier ones and I now definitely have a much more balanced diet. The changes I made were introduced slowly and steadily which made the whole process very easy to follow. I now look more carefully at what I am eating and I have a better understanding of reading food labels.

I now feel very confident that I’ll be able to stick to health guidelines, and I’m happy to keep meeting Ilona on a regular basis to stay on track.

I can highly recommend working with Ilona to anyone who wants to learn more about healthy eating and lifestyle.”