I came to see Ilona because I was not happy with my health. I had no energy, was always tired, was not sleeping, and had IBS symptoms.

I loved the programme because it was highly informative and Ilona was very supportive. The programme was easy to follow and enjoyable. Ilona was so supportive and there was no judgement if I had a bad day or week. She answered any queries I had and was great at sending me information on recipes, links to exercises etc.

I am feeling a lot better. My attitude and knowledge towards food and my overall health have changed. I feel a lot more equipped to cook healthier meals and to deal with any IBS flare-ups. My energy increased so much. I was sleeping better. My nails grew stronger. My mood was so much better.

I realised I could still have nice meals but just smarter ways of cooking them. My mood really lifted because I wasn’t as tired all the time.

Halfway through my programme with Ilona, I found out I was pregnant. Ilona was so supportive. She helped me tweak my diet so both myself and baby were getting all the right nutrients. I was on supplements Illona had recommended for my IBS symptoms and a multivitamin. I had to stop taking them which I was extremely anxious about as they had really helped control the IBS symptoms and increased my energy etc. Ilona was so helpful in giving me alternative tips and ideas to help with the symptoms, certain foods, teas, meditation links etc.

This is my second pregnancy, and I am so happy I was with Illona when I got pregnant. I was so much healthier and happier with my body and health going into this pregnancy and it really helped keep me on track during the pregnancy.  I gained so much weight and my diet was bad with my first pregnancy compared to this one.

I would recommend Ilona’s programme to anyone. She is so supportive. Knowledgeable and non-judgmental. I always looked forward to our online sessions. It wasn’t just a nutritional talk; we always had a nice chat too and I always felt so good after it.
I cannot wait to do another programme with her after I have the baby.