Kitchen Overhaul

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Kitchen Overhaul Programme

If you are confused on what is actually “healthy” and just want to have someone look at your store cupboard essentials, your kitchen equipment and fridge, so that you have a better understanding, get practical tips and find better alternatives, this is a program for you.

I will come to your house and we can discuss anything and I can answer your questions.

Ideally, for this service you will have attended one of my programs or talks on low G.L. foods, as it wraps up this information. However, it is not essential, but you might expect it to take a bit longer.


30 min: €40.00  /  60 min: €75.00

20 Minutes Can Change Your Life!

Our bodies are absolutely amazing and when we look after them well, and feed them only what they are designed to deal with, they will look after and make us feel and look great again!

Let me help you along the way!

Are your sugar cravings sabotaging your best efforts to stay healthy?

You’re Not Alone! 

Find plenty of tips and tricks to ditch those cravings and develop a healthy relationship with the sweet things in your life!


Sugar cravings

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