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J. found my facebook page and arranged an appointment for a 20-min discovery call.

Something had to change

She was struggling with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Reflux. She was unable to eat nearly anything. Everything just seemed to cause her pain.

She was confused by what is supposed to be healthy. She had no energy to prepare food herself and relied on ready made meals, trying to make the best possible choices.

Being in constant pain prevented J. from exercising much. Since her illness she had been constantly gaining weight, and felt she wasn’t getting much from her life anymore.

She barely had enough energy to get to work, and needed to sleep at least for 12 hours a day. Something had to change.

Getting started

J. decided to go on my 9-week programme during which we were continuously in touch via email and sms in between the appointments.

Together we identified the foods that J. could tolerate and we worked on creating a routine and a food plan that she was able to implement.

Taking baby-steps was essential. Things like trying out new recipes were sometimes just too much, especially when J. had flare-ups.

Noticing the improvements

But little tips such as on-line shopping, made already a huge difference. She now feels she has a much better understanding of what foods are good for her.

J. is very happy to have finally found foods that she can actually tolerate and still enjoy. She is happy to have found a routine that works around her lifestyle, because she works a lot in the evenings. She definitely has more energy now.

Still a ways to go

J. knows she still has a long path ahead of her to heal from this debilitating disease, but eating foods that are nutritious and reduce inflammation in her body is supporting her on her healing journey.

Complete Health & Lifestyle Restoration

J. has started on my 9-week Complete Health & Lifestyle Restoration programme.

If you are struggling with your health, why not take advantage of a free 20-minute discovery chat and see if I can help you.

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