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Coinciding with lent, I gave a talk at the local library with the title “Are you addicted to sugar?” and got a really good response. The question resonated with Deirdre, who is diabetic, but didn’t have her blood sugars under control and was frequently tempted by sweets, even though she knew it wasn’t good for her. She found many of the points I mentioned in the talk very useful and they applied to her.

Having tried several diets and blaming herself for “failing”, she did not really want to try out yet another diet. I was starting a small group and as I got a last minute cancellation, I gave her a call to see if she’d be interested. Deirdre said immediately yes. She made a huge contribution to the group and shared a lot of stories of how her sugar cravings often just took over. As we were only 5 women in the group, everyone felt safe to share their stories, and each story motivated the others as well. We met on 3 evenings during which I shared my principles for healthy eating, some low GL recipes and very practical tips to stay on track.

It is not “rocket science” really, but it’s all about the right motivation, and understanding the reasons behind each of the suggestions as well. Most of us know what’s good for us and what’s not, but implementing this in our daily lives is where we often fall down. Especially, as we are surrounded by sugar-laden, highly processed foods, and also a culture of either being “on a diet” or not.

I was particularly delighted that Deirdre that she managed to stay off sugar, especially because it is so important for her to have her diabetes under control to avoid future health implications. Today, 3 weeks off sugar, she wrote me this lovely testimonial, and what I found particularly interesting to read was that her sugars which have been constantly high in the past few years have now come down by more than half. It can be done. I have seen diabetes being reversed over and over again in my years working for Dr. Eva Orsmond.

If you have diabetes and have trouble getting your blood sugars under control, please do contact me.

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