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It’s Much More than Just About Weight Loss
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Zoe (name changed) came to see me because “she was just fed up with her weight”. In our first session, she admitted that she tried so many diets before only to stay on them for about 2 weeks and then fall off again. She also told me that her mother already told her that she was “fat” and that she wouldn’t be able to lose weight. These are some very deep-rooted beliefs that are very hard to break through in adult life. I felt that she was already setting herself up for more failure. “See, I tried it and it didn’t work again!” So, the first two weeks went well, but there was no shift on the scales and Z. was ready to give up.

“What’s the point on being on a “diet” if I don’t lose weight? And when I eat whatever I want, I don’t put on more weight either?”

We went through various coaching tools, such as Wellness Vision, Circle of Life, Progress Trackers, Motivational rewards and many more, and Zoe began to notice more and more what was really important to her in her life and what has been holding her back in the past.

She managed to embrace the new eating habits, simply because they made her feel good in herself. She began to accept her body more and felt more comfortable to go clothes shopping again. She feels that she has more energy and feels more positive when she is eating well. Also, she realised that on the few days when she did have slips that she felt awful.

Here are parts of the email she sent me recently:

“I am doing great, totally enjoying food, not even wanting the bad stuff

and when I was away at the weekend I was able to make good choices. It makes such a difference to understand which foods are good for me and why. I have started a journal but haven’t been great at keeping a food diary but I am noting what I am eating and know when I am on or off course. The thinking about the way I talk to myself is also working brilliantly and actually yesterday I started the mindfulness course on self-esteem which I am looking forward to doing every day.
… I also went clothes shopping and it was so much better than a few weeks ago and I bought a few lovely things when I wasn’t being so critical about myself. I was also conscious of our conversation about support.

I can’t thank you enough for the difference all of this has made to my life!”

To me, this is a success! Her weight-loss might not have been as much as she had hoped for, but she stuck it for the full 9 weeks and did not – as in previous attempts – give up after 2 weeks. She embraced the process and is seeing the benefits the changes have made to her life and to her confidence.

You too can change your life and feel more confident and energetic. You too can learn to implement easy tips on healthy eating and create new habits that will last much longer than an 8-week-program.

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