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I want to say immediately that I can’t take credit for this client’s success. However, what he achieved within 2 months is too important not to share.

I saw D. last year for a 20-min consultation, but he wasn’t in the right space to make changes, he knew his lifestyle was not the way it should be, he was drinking regularly, he drank a lot of sugary drinks and every time he pulled into a petrol station he would buy something sweet. He usually eats out and used to often have take-aways. He does some cooking at home as long it is not too complicated. He runs his own company which is demanding, even though he does not perceive it as stressful. He has some stress in other aspects of his life though.

He contacted me again in May and told me that he had been diagnosed with diabetes in April and had gone on the ketogenic diet straight after his diagnosis.

His HbA1c which measures your blood sugar over a 3 months period was 104, the normal range is between 20-42! His ferritin (iron) was also high at 1344, and so were his liver enzymes.

His GP wanted him to take metformin (the initial diabetes drug which is usually given as soon as someone is diagnosed, even though the instructions from the manufacturer actually clearly says that it should only be prescribed once diet and lifestyle changes have not worked!). Metformin did not agree with him as it caused him blurred vision, so with the agreement of his GP and his promise to follow the ketogenic diet, he did not take any medication.

Two months later and his blood test shows that his HbA1c is down to 46! And his ferritin was down as well and his liver enzymes within the normal range. Despite following the ketogenic diet during which he increased his fat intake, his overall cholesterol came down slightly but more importantly his HDL (the “good” one) came up, and his triglycerides came down from 2.3 to 1.4 (and they should ideally be below 1!).

His GP could not believe what he saw and has never seen anything like this before.

When I worked in Orsmond Clinics, I have seen many cases reduce their HbA1c drastically without medication, but to be honest, I don’t remember a case as drastic as this. D. is very determined to get this under control and he came to see me, to make sure that he follows the Keto diet in a healthy and sustainable manner and to get the motivation to keep going.

For many people, the thought of reducing the carbohydrates drastically can sound like a “death sentence”. Is life worth living without bread, cakes, and pasta? What is the alternative? To constantly have to worry about your blood sugars going to high or too low, with low energy, low mood, nausea, and weight gain? Having to deal with all the potential side effects of diabetes medication and accepting that it is a “progressive” disease? Having to potentially face all the health implications associated with unregulated and constantly high blood sugar, such as limb amputations and loss of sight, and the risk of heart attack or stroke?

In German “Diabetes” is called “Sugar disease”, and that’s exactly what it is, it is a disease where your body cannot handle sugar anymore. And therefore, you need to remove sugar from your diet.

And it is not as difficult as it might seem, with the right guidance! It is not about deprivation, it is about nourishing your body with the right foods. If you feel positive about making a change, you will find it easy – like anything else in life.

D. has decided to stay on the ketogenic diet and I am helping him to make sure that he is doing it in a healthy way, by not just reducing carbs and protein, and increasing good fats, but also by encouraging him to eat more vegetables and more fish, and getting some nutrients and herbal support through the right supplements.

Anyone can reverse diabetes! Do not believe if a GP is trying to tell you that it is a progressive disease that can only be managed with medication!

If you are at risk of or if you have diabetes or know someone with diabetes, please avail of a free 20-minute consultation with me to get started with some small changes.

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