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Hashimoto – Autoimmune Thyroid Antibodies Coming Down
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Stella came to see me as she was frustrated with her symptoms associated with low thyroid function. She had been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a few years previous and been taking Eltroxin as prescribed by her GP. I suggested she does a more comprehensive thyroid test where she found out that she also has antibodies, which shows that she has Hashimoto, which is an autoimmune disease. Her GP told her that there is nothing else she can do about this and that antibodies will never come down. She would still need to keep taking the thyroid hormone replacement tablets.

When she first came to me, she was suffering from extreme fatigue needing to lie down in the afternoon and sleeping for about 12 hours every day. She was frequently constipated and always felt bloated. She was often cranky and the tiny bit of stress would make her “explode”. She was often “hangry” and when she had to go longer periods without food, she got extremely irritable.

All the above symptoms reduced within the 8-weeks she was working with me. We met once a week and made small changes each week. I helped her focus on staying on the plan and kept her motivated as we needed to cut out certain foods that she was addicted to. She quickly got her energy back and that kept her motivated. Stella did not find it difficult as she loves food and loved discovering lots of new recipes. It is continuous progress but she feels. Oh, and BTW: her antibodies did indeed come down from >1000 to 432!!!

“I really feel that I got my life back, especially my quality of life! It is so worth leaving out the bad foods that made me feel worse and adding good food that makes me feel better!”

You too can change your life and feel more confident and energetic. You too can learn to implement easy tips on healthy eating and create new habits that will last much longer than an 8-week-program.

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