Does healthy eating require more time?

Ilona Madden - RightFood4U - Nutrition Programmes - Bray Wicklow Dublin

Written by Ilona Madden

September 22, 2022

updated 26 Nov 2021

When I talk to people and tell them that I offer Health & Nutrition coaching sessions and programmes, I’m often told: “I’d love to do that sometime, but I’m just so busy at the moment. I’ll get back to you!”

And then months or even years go by, and they feel worse, have even less energy, feel even more pain or discomfort – but you are just still way too busy!

You are not alone to think that starting a healthy lifestyle requires commitment, discipline, motivation, restrictions, “being strict”, “being good”  etc.

However, I’d like to show you that none of the above is necessary!!!

So, if you feel you are just too busy to commit to start a healthier lifestyle right now, you have to read on!

Especially, if you feel under a lot of pressure at the moment and very stressed, it is more important than ever to give your body the nutrients it needs to feel better and feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

Yes, the right foods can help reduce the feeling of being stressed!

Often, when we feel so overwhelmed with everything in our lives, we cannot see a solution to how things could be done differently. We can only view “learning something new” or “cooking from scratch” as an extra burden and yet another commitment to our already busy schedules.

  • What would you think, if you learned how to prepare healthy meals in less time than ordering a takeaway or heating up a ready meal? 
  • How would you feel, if all the things that are going on in your life, would actually NOT feel like stress and you could enjoy them instead? 
  • What would it be like to understand why you might feel so overwhelmed and that it could be down to some of the foods you are currently eating? 
  • How would it feel to have loads of energy all day long, and not to need a rest when that afternoon slump hits? 
  • How would your working day look like if you were focused on everything you do, and managed to get your tasks done quicker?

The important thing is to start somewhere.

It could be drinking more water, replacing white flour with wholegrain, adding blueberries to your breakfast, adding some spinach to every meal, trying out a new vegetable, etc.

Anything is better than doing nothing! Even the tiniest thing you do could improve your overall well-being! 

Picture yourself in the future. When you retire, do you want to be in your best health to travel, enjoy time with the grandchildren, and do all those things that you haven’t got time to do right now?

We know for sure that good health is not just a coincidence or good luck, good health is not even down to our genes! The science of Epigenetics shows us that the foods we eat “talk” to our genes. The right nutrients can switch off the genes that can cause disease, while the wrong foods can switch those on. 

Any change you make right now will influence your future health and your future well-being.

The kids you are driving around at the moment, the parents you are looking after at the moment, your career – you can enjoy all of it more if YOU are in good health!

And there are lots of people like me – who just love to share their knowledge and love to support and help you along the way.

For me, health and well-being are core values that I grew up with. And even though I did neglect my body in my twenties and thirties, I came back to it and studied a lot. A love of learning and a love of teaching are my strengths.

It gives me the greatest joy to see when people tell me that they are feeling so much better – often already soon after they have spoken to me.

Don’t delay any longer. Whether that’s just starting somewhere or whether it is with mine or someone else’s help and support.

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