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The Brain Health Programme

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The Brain Health Programme

Next group programme will start Autumn 2022


This is an amazing course for anybody who is worried about their cognitive decline and brain health and wants to stop it. Currently, there are no medication that will sufficiently stop cognitive decline but there is plenty of scientific evidence available that lifestyle and nutrition can play an important part to prevent Alzheimers and Dementia or issues with our mood and concentration.

If you like to find out more about this or if this is for you, please contact me. 

Optimise your wellbeing, memory and mood!

  • Are you anxious or prone to low mood?
  • Do you suffer from Brain Fog?
  • Are you worried about your risk of cognitive decline?
  • Are you struggling with sugar or food cravings?
  • Do you find your concentration levels declining?
  • Do you find yourself more reactive in stressful situations?
If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, you are not alone. The Brain Health programme has been designed to help you tackle all of the above issues through food and lifestyle. It has a proven track-record to successfully help participants to feel better, improve their memory and concentration and overall mood.

We don’t just eat because we are hungry – being bored, upset, and the sight or smell of food can all cause us to eat, sometimes hijacking our good intentions and causing us to make poor food choices or to overeat. The Brain Health Programme will start you on the journey towards understanding and changing your relationship with food, with the goal of helping you make long-term, sustainable behaviour changes.

Achieving optimal brain health with the Brain Health Programme

The Brain Health programme has been designed to optimise cognitive function using a multi-modal approach. It consists of 6 interactive workshops covering topics shown in research as being important for brain health. Each workshop is designed to help you engage with every aspect of the programme and understand what you need to do to optimise wellbeing, memory and mood.

The workshops:

  • Nutrition for brain health: Poor diet is a significant factor in mental health and other conditions affecting the brain.
  • Optimising gut health: Poor gut health increases inflammation and this is one of the features of many chronic health conditions, including cognitive decline.
  • Stress reduction: Persistently elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol can kill brain cells and negatively affect brain function.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep: During sleep our body cells detoxify and cleanse, and out brain cells are no exception.
  • Exercise: Aerobic exercise protects the brain from damage and helps to produce brand new cells within the brain. Exercise can lift mood and help with stress management.
  • Brain training: Exercising the brain is important as well. Challenging the brain allows new connections to be created and maintained.

This programme will take place in a small group with 6 workshops. You will receive a Self-care journal with weekly tasks and accountability checks, you will receive plenty of recipes and meal suggestions, and handouts. Each week will be a review of how the previous week went, There won’t be any calorie counting, no weigh-ins, and you won’t be feeling hungry! It will take place in a small group only. You will also get a one-to-one consultation before and after the programme to make sure you will get the most out of it! Check for the next dates under upcoming programmes.



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