I booked an 8-week programme with Ilona because I was feeling very unhappy in my body and

struggled to stay healthy and know what was considered healthy. I also have many allergies

which made it hard for me to know how to eat healthy and help my psoriasis.

My main goal was to improve general health and gut health.

I would have used to tend to eat a lot of pasta, lots of chocolate and goodies, and dairy (lots of cups of tea a day with sugar).

In the past, I tried personal training in the gym but it didn’t work for me greatly.

 I found the programme amazing. It really helped me get on the right track and keep me motivated. It was easy at times and hard at times. At the start it was harder but once I got used to it, it actually was fine. I started eating veg with all meals and stopped eating all dairy mainly.

The process was very enjoyable. Helped me feel so much better in myself!

I thought it would be hard to not have dairy, especially cause I drank so much tea but now it’s so easy to not have any.

I have lost over a stone in weight now and I’m starting to feel so much better in myself.

My skin has improved so much and I’m not feeling sluggish and bloated all the time.

All I did was just following Ilona’s guidelines and input.

When I realised what I was doing was actually causing harm to my body, I now listen to my body and know what causes things, e.g. if I eat dairy now I know I am going to have an upset stomach, so I just avoid it.

I am feeling amazing now. I still have some weight to lose but I am in no rush. I have changed my lifestyle so it will not be a quick fix, just healthy choices.

I am fairly confident I will stick to this new lifestyle in the future. I might find it hard at times but it just takes going straight back into it again to get me back up and running.

I would just like to say thank you so much to Ilona for all your help. Without you, I would not have the confidence I have today. I feel great both mentally and physically and that’s thanks to all your help.