I took part in Ilona’s 4-week Transformation group programme because I have a great interest in food and especially the healing aspects of food. I am always looking to extend my knowledge and Ilona’s course was the perfect opportunity for this.

Ilona has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food, all aspects of it. She is an authority in this field. Her presentations were very clear and really got me engaged. I loved doing the homework which gave me an opportunity to have a think about my lifestyle and habits. This course should be part of the curriculum in secondary school, it will help a lot of people to lead a healthy life without medication.

I’d highly recommend Ilona’s course.

I have a great routine, with the help of Ilona’s program. This will help me to better manage what and when I eat. I feel great, I don’t have a slump in the middle of the day and I sleep very well too.