One morning whilst at work, I saw an advertisement in the local community centre for a talk free talk on in Bray Library on the 8th March 2019 from 11-12 and the heading was “Are you addicted to Sugar”.  I thought yes I will go along to that and see what’s this about. Once I heard Ilona’s talk at the library I could tick every box and went yes I am addicted and thought need to do something about this as I am also Type 2 diabetic with very poor sugar control. I took part in her 2-week sugar-free challenge with a small group of 5 other people. Once I knew I was seriously addicted to sugar I knew the only way for me to begin was to go “cold turkey” and not have any sugar at all.  And it actually worked for me. Before, I used to go into Deals on my lunch break and buy the large bag of red toffets and have them almost gone before I returned to work and if they didn’t have them the disappointment was too much so I would just buy whatever large bag of sweets they had. Today I can walk into the shop and not even think about buying them and if I see them there (which of course they are always there now) I think I don’t need you anymore and it doesn’t bother me. Having been in every weight loss programme around over the last 30 years I loved the fact that this little group had no weigh-in or calorie counting and I have managed to lose weight.  Even though I don’t weigh myself I know I have lost weight as my clothes are too big and I was able to buy a new pair of jeans the other day in a size I haven’t been able to fit in since before I was pregnant (which is a long time ago). However, for me the best of all is that for the last number of years my blood sugar levels have always been high 12-16 have now reached the lowest level 6 which is within range and I feel like a new woman with a zest for life again and the energy to match it. I would highly recommend Ilona because she actually listens to you and makes you feel very comfortable and that it is never too late to regain control over your body and what you put into it.