I contacted Ilona in July because I was feeling the effects of the lockdown and COVID Regulations were pulling me down.
I had explored various other avenues but thought that nutrition might be another possible approach. When I heard about Ilona’s group programme specifically for Brain Health and mental wellbeing, I thought this is the ideal opportunity.
I thoroughly enjoyed each of the 6 classes which were conducted via zoom and found them very informative and interesting. I followed the advice one step at a time. The Course has highlighted the need for increasing my intake of vegetables in particular, as well as other aspects of health and nutrition.
Ilona is a brilliant presenter and delivered a course that excelled in both its depth and breadth.
After the 6 weeks, I am definitely feeling much better and more in control. I have a much better understanding of how what we eat can affect how we feel.
I can highly recommend Ilona’s Brain Health group course, or a one-to-one programme.