“I was interested in learning more about healthy eating, nutrition and gut health. I also wanted to confirm from my own research on the internet if I was going at it correctly.  Ilona’s 4-week class did validate this and more. Having a live online face to face explanation of nutrition etc… was just ideal. The presentations were clear and easy to understand. Although I took notes, receiving the slides and recordings were also very helpful. In addition, it made the first 4 weeks of January fly by 😉

Since Ilona’s online course, (which I would highly recommend) I have applied many suggestions to my everyday life at home.  For example, I am ensuring my family and I have a more variety of vegetables with our meals. I also have a better understanding of gut health. In addition, I am discussing with my family about implementing a “Gratitude Journal” which can have a big impact on one’s overall wellbeing. All this thanks to Ilona’s informative class.”