Over the last few years, although I have had a fairly healthy diet and exercise regime, I have been struggling with losing a few kilos that I felt I could do with losing. I had tried upping my exercise routine, reducing my calorie intake etc. but wasn’t really making any progress. A couple of months ago I met Ilona and started on her nutrition plan and the results have been fantastic! In two months I have lost 9 pounds weight (4kgs) and reduced my tummy by about 8cm’s. What has been even more impressive to me has been the fact that, with Ilona’s guidance, I have actually been eating more for my breakfast and lunch than I was, and roughly the same amount for my dinner! The changes were slight and tailored to my needs and have been easy to implement due to Ilona’s excellent ongoing contact emails and follow up meetings. By making these changes I have easily been able to reduce my ‘snacking’ or ‘grazing‘ that used to be my main downfall. I am happy to recommend Ilona’s programme to anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their health/lose weight.