I contacted Ilona because I was concerned about my constant weight gain and low energy, my diet was very poor and I often suffered from indigestion. Luckily, I had no other health concerns. I was eating a lot of processed foods and drinking diet coke.

I found Ilona’s programme excellent and very information, and it was easy to follow and very enjoyable. It made me re-think food in general.

During the programme my energy improved drastically. I now have no indigestion issues anymore and my sleep has improved. What has changed is my approach to food. I feel more comfortable with my relationship with food now. I have realised it’s an ongoing process that involves reading and trying out new recipes and the one-to-one support from Ilona was very helpful.

I now feel well, I’m sleeping better and have more energy. I feel very confident that I am able to stick to the new habits I have developed during the programme.

Overall, I gained an interest in food and the effects it has on my body – physically and emotionally. I have gained a great understanding of nutrition and now put much more thought into what I am eating and why. I am also very interested now in learning where my food comes from and the effects each different food has on my body.

Ilona is a great teacher – she has a very positive and non-judgmental approach in supporting me and I learned the importance my overall well-being and how I feel (not just how I look!).