I signed up for the “Nurture your mind and body” group programme with Ilona in July/Aug 2020 as I was struggling again with my weight, but I didn’t want to do a predetermined weight-loss- routine. I had tried various diets and was hardly eating anything but I was still not losing weight anymore. I was also struggling with a few other health issues.

The programme was really enjoyable has really shown me how everything in our bodies is connected, and by understanding the scientific way of what food does in your bodies, really helped me to implement the advice. The 6 sessions helped to clarify so much for me – linking the food intake with insulin resistance, dementia, exercise etc. It all made so much sense.

I noticed a huge improvement within the 6 weeks in my energy levels, digestive issues and overall wellbeing.

However, I wanted to find out more about what is actually going on in my body, and as there has been diabetes in my family, I was really interested in doing the My DNA Health test.

This test helped me understand many of my own symptoms and that indeed there is a genetic component to it. This test provided the most accurate description of me and I found it enlighting and confirming.

The recommendations gave me the confidence to stick to the recommendations because they explained for me WHY I have to follow them.

The alternative for me to is to face the ill- health and suffering that my late- Mum went through due to a lack of understanding of her health issues. Even though I knew there was possibly a genetic component, I wasn’t sure if it was relevant for me. I wouldn’t

Having the genetic pre-disposition in black and white and having received the personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan makes me feel empowered that there is indeed something I can do myself and so it is easier to stick to the general guidelines.

Ilona has been really great in explaining the test results and the recommendations to me in the initial consultation and the follow-up 4-weeks later. I now feel that I have a nutrition and lifestyle plan that I will actually stick to and that works for me. And I finally have been losing weight, which is an added bonus!