“I started working with Ilona because I realised my nighttime cravings and emotional eating was out of control. While I would eat quite a healthy diet during the day, in the evenings, I seemed to crave sweet, fatty (such as butter) and salty things. I know I want to be a healthy 80 year old and those habits weren’t serving me. I knew I was self-sabotaging and eating mindlessly.

Ilona took a lot of time to listen and look into my past health history and my eating habits.

Together, we created a nutrition and lifestyle plan that I could follow easily. I gained a good understanding of how food reacts in my body and visualising this helped me stick to the recommendations.

After only one week, I could already notice how my energy levels were improving and that I felt less bloated.

I love the food I’m eating and fasting for 14hours was easy and actually very enjoyable as I liked the feeling of my tummy being empty.

Keeping a food diary is a great way of keeping myself accountable.

After about 3 weeks, people were noticing the changes in my body and were commenting that I looked well. I also felt well and noticed a definite increase in my energy levels.

I was back enjoying my weekends and didn’t need them to recover from the week’s work.

Despite having a very busy schedule at work, I can now manage it and feel great and full of energy throughout the day. My life doesn’t feel like I am on a hamster wheel anymore.

 I now feel compassion for my body rather than an intolerance of it!

From someone who was often “hangry” when I didn’t eat, it is ok for me now to go through periods of feeling hungry while, for instance, cooking my dinner.

There has definitely been a big “switch” that happened in the last 8 weeks. In the past, I would have struggled motivationally once I reached a weight loss goal, but now I know I just don’t want to go back to where I was. And I feel very confident that I am now equipped with a plan that I will stick to. 

I also understand why we need support over a longer period and that one session is not sufficient to make lasting changes.”