Supermarket Shopping

Supermarket Shopping

Confused by the many “healthy” options, food labels and many products in your supermarket aisles? We will go with you to your local supermarket and you can ask me about any products that you usually shop or that you are not sure about. I will help you creating a “Store Cupboard Essential shopping” that you can use in the future for all your shopping or on-line shopping in order to avoid buying the foods that you don’t really want to have in the house.

Ideally, for this service you will have attended one of my programs or talks on low G.L. foods, as it wraps up this information. However, it is not essential, but you might expect it to take a bit longer.

(30 minutes - €40, 1 hour - €75 )


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If you are still unsure about which option is right for you, let me help! Book a 20 minute chat with me and I can answer any questions you have.