Food and Skin Health

Skincare and Food

Event: Wednesday, 20th January at 8 pm

Interview with Blomma owner Karen on the connection between skin health and overall health

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In this hour-long Q&A we’re chatting with Certified Nutritional Therapist and Health & Lifestyle Coach Ilona Madden about the connection between nutrition and skincare to help you achieve glowing skin naturally.

We tend to spend a lot of money on health care products, but often forget that what we eat is equally important for beautiful and radiant skin. A lot of people have in the past made compliments on my skin and the fact that I rarely wear make-up. Yes, I am convinced that part is genetic, but I am also convinced that giving my body overall the nutrient it needs, is equally as important.

We know that Vitamins A, Biotin, C and E and all the essential fatty acids are especially important for good skin and find those often in skincare products, but it’s not about just supplementing with one or the other vitamin supplement, but rather having all of those in a good balance as they work in synergy to each other. The basics are: Increase your intake of vegetables and especially the variety and colours of vegetables. And increase your intake in healthy fats such as Olive oil, avocados, oily fish. These nutrients are the building blocks that your skin needs.

Also, bear in mind that your skin is a mirror of your overall health. As skin – as well as hair and nails – are not necessarily important for survival, these are the areas where we notice a lack of nutrients in the early stages. And this is where a lot of my clients see unexpected “side effects” when switching to a healthier diet. However, it’s not always about what food you put in. It is also important that you are absorbing your nutrients. Factors that can have an impact on your absorption can be genetic, in your gut or certain medication you might be taking. Also, you might be eating your vegetables, but a lot of soil today is being depleted of vital nutrients, so unless you are buying organic or growing yourself your vegetables might not have sufficient nutrients.

Our skin is not only the mirror for the good stuff we put into our bodies, but it is also a mirror of the “bad stuff”, as our skin is a major detoxification organ. When our skin breaks out, it is often because there is something going on in our bodies. If your diet includes a lot of processed foods, your liver needs to detoxify those “toxins” and it’s probably doing a good job, but your skin is helping it – and could potentially break out. Therefore, the more natural and real food you eat – the more beautiful and healthy your skin will be.
If you are lucky and you have good skin and could potentially use all sorts of skincare products, you also need to think again. Did you know that we absorb everything through our skin into our bloodstream and into our cells? The skin is not just a barrier. Whatever chemicals there are in your skincare product or other products you come in contact with your skin, it will be taken to your liver for detoxification. And if these are harmful products, your liver will need to work in overdrive again. Having to detox those toxins on top of a bad diet will show in your skin for sure as well.
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